Everything You Need to Know About Inguinal Hernia Surgery


You probably already know what an inguinal hernia is. An inguinal hernia is a bulge in the groin area of a man or a woman. It is caused by tissue pushing through the groin muscle.

Who usually suffers from an Inguinal Hernia?

Men and women both suffer from it. Specifically, men who undergo extensive physical exercise or lift heavy weights are more prone to it. Women are more likely to suffer from this during their pregnancy. The extra weight of the baby puts a lot of pressure in the lower abdominal muscles and joints. This pressure causes a hernia in women.

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Gallbladder Stone Removal Without Surgery – Valeria Simone

gallbladder removal without surgery

Afraid of gallbladder treatment surgery but suffering from extreme pain? Nervous that the surgery might leave a lifelong scar? 

Hoping for a home remedy or medicinal cure to avoid surgery? 

You are not alone. Gallbladder stones affect 10-15% of American adults.

People often turn to natural process or home remedies due to the phobia of surgery. But the fact remains that this is ineffective. There are no research work or successful experiments to suggest the effectiveness of home remedies. Moreover, trying home remedies by hearsay can also lead to worsening of the gallstones leading to adverse medical conditions.

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Thyroid Surgery Procedure and Recovery

Thyroid surgery procedure

The thyroid is a very small gland with the shape of a butterfly. The gland is located to the lower-front part of the neck and right beneath the voice box. The function of the thyroid is basically to produce a hormone which is carried by the blood to different tissues throughout the body and to facilitate in the regulation of metabolism. 

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All You Need to Know About Hypercalcemia & Traditional Parathyroid Surgery

Our present write-up talks about what Parathyroid glands are and introduces you to what hypercalcemia is. We aim, further; to provide our readers on why there is a need for Parathyroid surgery. Our present write-up talks about what Parathyroid glands are and introduces you to what hypercalcemia is. We aim, further; to provide our readers on why there is a need for Parathyroid surgery.

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Peritoneal Catheter Surgery & Diet Plan

Peritoneal Catheter Surgery

A relative of mine had been suffering kidney failure had undergone Peritoneal Catheter Surgery. He describes the treatment as one involving the inner line of the abdomen to filter the blood from within the body of the patient. This interior lining is referred to in scientific terms as peritoneum. A few weeks prior to the surgery, the surgeon attaches a soft tube termed catheter in the abdomen. Read More

What You Need to Know About Malnutrition & Surgical Nutrition

Nutrition after Surgery

Surgical patients require proper Surgical Nutrition but often it is reported that for most of the patients, they die of malnutrition. In fact, cases of malnutrition in surgical patients are reported 50% and this is pretty alarming. Malnutrition is often common in surgical patients. Read More

An All Inclusive Guide to Anal cancer & Anorectal Surgery

Anorectal Surgery Treatment

Our bodies comprise of multiple cells. They are the basic units of our bodies. Cells grow, divide and then multiply in accordance with the body-requirements. These cells continually replace the dead ones and the whole growth, division, multiplication and the replacement is a natural cyclical process. However, if in case these cells multiply abnormally or uncontrollably, you get tumors. Read More

What You Need to Know About Thyroidectomy

The thyroid is the part of your body that stays at the lower front part of your neck and can be spotted in a small butterfly shape. It plays an important part in the body by producing several hormones that circulate across different organs maintaining the body temperatures and metabolism. Besides, thyroid also helps the heart and digestive system to function properly. The process of thyroid gland removal is known as the thyroid surgery or Thyroidectomy under which a part or the entire thyroid is removed. Read More

Everything You Should Know About Hernia Surgery

According to the latest survey and medical reports, more than 5 millions of American are victims of Hernia. This disease is something that you should never take lightly especially when you are getting old. I may have made you stressed about this issue with my earlier statement but don’t worry, the hernia is also curable. With the help of this blog, I will help you understand about the hernia, its symptoms and most importantly the hernia surgery. Read More

What You Should Know About Gallbladder Removal

The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ situated under liver which concentrates and releases bile juice. Liver creates the bile juice that is important for the food digestion, and it is the responsibility of gallbladder to store and provide it. Sometimes small stones are also known as gallstones that takes birth in the bladder and causes pain to the patient. The gallstones are either removed with the help of medication or surgery to cure further problems. Read More