Gallbladder Stone Removal Without Surgery – Valeria Simone

gallbladder removal without surgery

Afraid of gallbladder treatment surgery but suffering from extreme pain? Nervous that the surgery might leave a lifelong scar? 

Hoping for a home remedy or medicinal cure to avoid surgery? 

You are not alone. Gallbladder stones affect 10-15% of American adults.

People often turn to natural process or home remedies due to the phobia of surgery. But the fact remains that this is ineffective. There are no research work or successful experiments to suggest the effectiveness of home remedies. Moreover, trying home remedies by hearsay can also lead to worsening of the gallstones leading to adverse medical conditions.

Sorry to burst the bubble but it’s important that you understand no such home remedy or medicine exists.!

According to Dr. Valeria Simone

(General Surgeon, well known for his experience in the field of advanced laparoscopic surgery & General Surgery.)

“There are medications which can dissolve gallstones without surgery. But these drugs may take months or even years to dissolve the stones,” 

You might be wondering what are gallstones and why is it formed? 

Solid particles that form in the gallbladder when the amount of cholesterol or bilirubin in the bile is high. These particles are called gallstones. This has become a modern phenomenon across the world due to the low fiber, high fat and high cholesterol diet among adults.

Why is it impossible to cure gallstones with home remedies?

Some common home remedies used to treat gallstones without surgery are mentioned below. It is important you understand that these are not effective and many a time leads to high health risks.

#Myth 1

Apple Juice with apple cider vinegar

It is commonly believed that Apple juice softens gallstones and the gallstones automatically pass through the bladder without any need for medicines and surgery.

Apple cider vinegar is believed to help in the process.

Myth buster: There is no conclusive evidence to support this remedy. Moreover, people with hypoglycemia, stomach ulcers, and diabetes should never consume a large amount of fruit juice.

#Myth buster 2

Drinking milk thistle is assumed to be the ancient secret behind healing gallstones. It is used to detoxify the liver medically.  While it may make the liver and gallbladder healthier.

Myth buster: there are no research work or studies to prove that there’s any effect of milk thistle on gallstones. Moreover, People with ragweed allergies, diabetes, or a history of hormone-sensitive cancers must discuss if milk thistle would suit their needs.

#Myth 3 Using Artichoke extract

The essence of artichoke has been proven to trigger bile production and benefit both gallbladder and liver function.

#Myth buster

No research has conclusively proven that it reduces gallstones in any way.

It is time to face your phobia and stop torturing yourself. Gallbladder treatment surgery is simple and effective and you will get rid of the problem for once and for all.

Usually, the patient is discharged within 24-36 hours of the surgery and the good news is there is minimal scarring.

Dr. Simone explained, “We usually advise laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove the gallbladder. It is a minimally-invasive surgery which results in smaller, fewer cuts and quicker recovery time – so you have a shorter hospital stay.”

It’s time you stop worrying about gallstones, stop those ineffective home remedies. 

Just get rid of them and feel much better and healthier.