What is Hernia Surgery?

Hernia is leak or tear in your muscle or tissue that allows a part of your body organan to stick out. Mostly it happens when a weak or hole through lining of the abdominal cavity, called the peritoneum. Hernia is mostly occur in the abdomen and above thigh are near around the belly button. The disease is among the most common one, within the U.S. almost 5 million of people develop hernia every year and 90% of those are found in males. Sometimes hernia is visible depending upon the size and location.

What causes Hernia ?

There could be a multiple cases of hernia but mostly it happens when pressure occurs at weak muscle point. Moreover, hernia starts due to pressure either on the body organs or intestine. The major cause of the hernia are the weak muscles or tissue, some people are born with the muscles aren’t fully developed. Whereas, most of the people get hernia due to muscles getting weak with age.

People cab hernia or worsen the existing one due to some body movements and habits including

  • Picking up the heavy objects compared to their body strength, especially in the wrong way or posture.
  • Overusing the same muscle causing unbearable pressure at it.
  • Strained movements like ongoing coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, or constipation also causes hernia
  • To much consumption of Tobacco
  • A part of organ or tissue coming out of the cut made from surgery.

Symptoms of Hernia

Different types of hernia shows different symptoms depending upon the condition. Some people have hernia but not symptoms and go years without knowing about it. Others may feel discomfort and pain while certain movements like standing, straining or lifting something heavy. The area affected by hernia can also be noticed with a bible bump that could be sore and will grow bigger with time. The other hernia symptoms are-

  • Shooting pain occuring at times
  • Vomiting frequently
  • Constipation

I your hernia gets worse and the part of body organ caught into the hole it will lose the blood supply which will cause strangulation. With this condition you will notice

  • Frequent nausea conditions
  • Having problem with gas passing and bowel movements

In case you are experiencing these signs than it is time to call the professionals for help right away.

How is Hernia Diagnosed ?

It is good that you have decided to take your hernia issue seriously and going for the medical help. Once you contact a doctor he or she will call you for the diagnosis. In most of the cases the doctors can diagnose hernia via physical examination. Further the doctor will ask your for some tests to get a clear image of the diseases and determine its cause. An ultrasound test is done to take the scan your body using the sound waves along with X- ray to take image of intestine and digestive system. Sometimes an endoscopy is also done to study your esophagus and stomach using tiny camera via flexible tube.

Hernia Treatment

The hernia treatment totally depends upon the type of hernia you have and state of your health. Some of the patients like the short term relief from the hernia pain and discomfort by wearing hernia truss. Your health care professional will discuss with you about the treatment and recommend you the best option. However, surgery is the only option in case of severe hernia conditions. Initially the doctor will ask you make changes in your habit while taking medication to prevent hernia. Butm, if hernia gets worse with time instead of getting fixed and causing strangulation then you need a surgery right away.

There are two types of surgery one is laparoscopy in which the surgeon makes a very incision and other is open surgery with a large incision to repair.

To repair hernia your surgeon can also use a surgical mesh as a part of the surgery. The mesh is surgical device used to provide a support to your weaken muscle. The surgical mesh cab synthetic or made from animal muscles. There are two forms of surgical meshes used by the surgeons one is Temporary and mesh and the permanent one. The temporary mesh will be absorbed by your body and work with you tissues to provide time with time. The permanent mesh is attached to the weak muscle for long-term support.